Our Own Worst Enemy

Christians are a part of this world to do a great thing. Unfortunately, it feels like we’re always at ends with each other. Instead of focusing on why we’re here, we alienate non-believers through our actions and words. There are the Christians on strategy and the Christians that are off the wall.

For example, I’ve attended church my entire life. I was saved by Jesus Christ when I was twelve years old. My faith has gotten me through so much. I’d be lost without my Heavenly Father supporting me when my earthly father couldn’t. In all my years of following God, I’ve never been taught to hate.

Christians are seemingly infamous for two reasons- predicting the end of the world and hating homosexuals. Currently, we’re predicting the world will end tomorrow (saying “we” is difficult, but since we both claim to be Christians…). We also did this in 1994. The Bible says that yes, Jesus will return and it will be glorious. However, it also says that we cannot know when this will happen. It’s not our job to know. I also don’t believe in the rapture, but that’s another post entirely.

More importantly than our crazy predictions, we hate people. Hate. We make people outcasts if they don’t measure up to the Bible standards. Things like this make me wonder if we read the same Bible. Jesus loved to chill with the sinners, in fact it partly contributed to His death because he didn’t hang with the “righteous.” The goal is to take Jesus as He is in perfect glory to people as they are. Not people as they should be.

Particularly, certain churches love to hate on the gays of the world. And these churches love to be heard by everyone that will listen. This makes all Christians look bad, like we’re hate mongers. I’m not going to get into all the issues because that’s not my purpose. The biggest issue is how we treat people.

I don’t know if people are born homosexual, but I definitely don’t think they choose it. Based on that, I can’t know. Right or wrong, it’s not my place to judge. Nor is the job of any person on this earth. Even if the Bible DID clearly say “being homosexual is an awful thing,” it would not mean, “so hate them for their immorality.”

Jesus wanted to reach the broken and the damned where they were, not cast them out. As Christians, we’re called to emulate Jesus. Instead, we make ourselves gods on Earth, speaking tirades against anything we don’t understand. When did we stop following the basic principles laid out for us in the Bible?

Basically, back when Jesus walked, there were His followers and the pharisees. They were self-righteous and believed they knew all. Pharisees still exist, making insane claims that most Christians don’t believe or agree with. Sadly, the world doesn’t know the difference.

So many men and women serve in foreign countries as missionaries trying to help the people. Churchgoers tithe every week to send out to those in need. Programs are held to help feed the hungry. Our humble approaches are overshadowed by the loudness of the other Christians, plastering the world with their beliefs.

I’m proud to be a Christian, meaning I’m proud to be a Christ-follower, focusing my life around serving Him and His teachings. I’m not proud to be a Christian, meaning I attempt to make myself bigger than God by preaching things not found in the Bible.