We’re all that person for someone

There’s a really terrible place to be in life. You could even argue that it’s worse than being Canadian. You know what the worse part is? We’re all most likely there.

Love is great. Relationships can be cool. There’s something to be said for sharing your life with someone, but there’s something more to be said when the other person doesn’t want what you have to offer.

The lucky ones are liked back. Most of us fall for people who will never like us back and instead of being smart and evacuating the situation, we stay and torture ourselves. WHY.

Let me tell you why. We secretly hope that if we linger long enough they’ll see how great we are and change their minds. Maybe if we’re cute or funny enough at the right time we can make them realize we’re worth hanging out with.

Not the case. Ever.

We can’t blame the other person, they just don’t have those feelings, and they’re most likely being honest about it. Which sucks too, don’t get me wrong.

It’s a never ending cycle. Most likely while you’re trapped in feelings for someone who refuses to return them, there’s someone vying for your attention that you’re treating the exact same way. It’s tragic if you think about it. We just all want what we can’t have.

This cycle leads to the creation of the back up. The person we like denies us, so we go to the person who likes us for affirmation that we probably won’t die alone. They compliment us, and we act like we’re embarrassed while secretly hoping they say more nice things about us. Do we want anything with this person? Heck no. But for a brief time they remind us that we’re viable options too.

This behavior is wrong. We all get caught up in it, which means while we’re doing it chances are it’s being done to us. And it hurts.

You are a beautiful soul who should never settle being in someone’s reserve bin for a rainy day. You deserve to be the only option. And someday you will be.

Life is tough. Boys are stupid. But God has a plan. If someone doesn’t like you, it’s because there’s someone better waiting to meet you. It may not be tomorrow, but it will happen.

Rather than constantly checking our phones for interaction, let’s throw in the towel. Sometimes there’s value in quitting if it will help you. Chasing things too far will just make you sad.

We’re all that person, and we’ve all been there. And it never stops being unfortunate.