WWJD? Probably not use His words to spew hate

We live in a complicated time where the actions of the world conflict with the teaching of the Word. Christians are faced with daily battles about being in the world or of the world and trying to stand in a culture desperately trying to knock them down.
There are a lot of things in this world I don’t understand, like why God calls His children home too early or why ships capsize, killing hundreds. I don’t know why nations go to war so thousands and millions can die when we’re supposedly civilized and could probably spend a little bit of time talking out our issues.
You know what else? I don’t understand homosexuality.
Please understand me, dear reader, my lack of understanding doesn’t stem from hate, but confusion. I don’t understand why God’s children are born this way and then hated by the world. I know the scripture, but I’m not enough of a theologian to get into the meaning and implications, nor do I want to.
What I don’t get is why people choose to target this group and slew hate at them, hiding behind these verses as if it makes it ok. As if hating with a foundation in scripture clears us of wrong doing, because that’s what Jesus did, right?
He hung out with the elite and religious, using His father’s words to mock those who were different or less fortunate. He dined with Pharisees and threw dirt in the faces of the beggars. He said “here is the way to Heaven if you follow these exact rules.”
Hopefully none of that is ringing a bell because I pulled it out of my butt.
Jesus was the exact opposite. He chose to spend time with the people no one else would. He scorned the rich and religious and taught about God’s love, commanding us to love others as ourselves. He didn’t say love only those who deserve it or those who follow my law. God loves everyone and that’s what we’re called to do.
This rant doesn’t come without precedent. Last week, a school near Pittsburgh held a Day of Silence for the LGBT community and it was a beautiful thing to let students know they are loved and accepted in high school. The next day, however, redneck bullies executed their own hateful protest against these students. They wrote ‘Anti-Gay’ on their hands with a cross and used Bible verses and social media to shame their classmates.
(Yes, I realize calling them redneck isn’t the most Christian thing but I’m mad)
You know what else grinds my gear? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” How can my fellow Christians justify condemning a group of people when we’re all sinners?! None of us deserve the love of our Father yet through grace we receive it without fail. Sometimes I feel we get so self-righteous and hold ourselves higher than other sinners, when in reality we’re all the same. We all suck. And God still loves us. All of us.
So next time you want to hate someone because they’re different, take a step back. You don’t have to understand and I think it’s wise to admit if you don’t. God doesn’t want us to understand. He wants us to follow Him and listen and last time I checked, that didn’t entail using derogatory language to bring down your fellow broken humans.
Love God, love people. Period.

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