I’ve never been the person who hates growing up. Like Nick Miller, I feel I’m turning into the person I was always knew I would become and at almost 25, my behaviors and attitudes are finally acceptable. When you get upset at a fellow 7-year-old for not understanding cursive yet, you know you have a problem.

I mean sure, it’s hard to read a John Green book and not wish you could go back and understand what a gift your teenage years are, but overall I like where I am. Plus I see pictures of high school Chelsea and I’m fine to be away from the time before eyebrows.

 (My friend Allie has always been annoyingly attractive)

Right before the change occurs, I think about my experiences throughout the year and part of me wishes I could relive that age over and over again, particularly my early 20s. Sure they leaned toward the sad and dramatic, but it was also my first taste of adulthood and living my life as I pleased (despite that being a disaster).

The only exception is 23. Leaving 23 was like saying farewell to the crush you wouldn’t let die. It continually let you down and you continually hoped it would get better, until finally you realize it will never change and you must move on.

Entering my mid-20s last year was a whirlwind of adulthood. I went from moving from place to place in Pittsburgh to having a stable apartment. I was more involved at my church and had so many new and great friends. Soon I got a dog and then a new car to replace my darling LeBronda aka my faithful workhorse who pushed herself too hard for her master.

There’s something magical about 24, I think. It’s your first step into your mid-20s but it still feels young and fun. You’re in this space where you’re expected to be an adult but there’s a leeway given with youth. More is expected because you’re two years out of college, but with that comes a better understanding of what it means to grow up. I am going to miss 24.

In the tradition of kids today, I (with the help of my BFF Sam) dubbed my 25th year of life as #QuarterLifeChelsea. This serves as the general theme for September (I have a lot of celebrations planned) as well as how I want to live during year 25. Luckily, I don’t plan to dye my hair any bizarre colors or up and quit my job (been there, done that), but I do plan to live a little recklessly.

As I’ve grown up, God has taken me from the scared person I was to who I am now and shown me I can do great things because I have Him. Rather than live in my safety bubble away from the world, I can now fully embrace wherever life takes me because I know it will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to, for better or worse. At 25, I want to live as God calls me, not as I see fit.

I can reflect on the follies of my youth and look at my decisions and wish I had been smarter or listened to my mother more, but ultimately that past brought me to where I am as an almost 25-year-old. I can break down the birthday celebrations and let downs and the years where I could’ve done more with my life, but questioning that is doubting the plan for my life. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and I plan to embrace every second of that.

Hopefully you’re my friend and will help me celebrate #QuarterLifeChelsea from now until I forget to use the hashtag. And if we’re not friends, that’s silly.

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