Consistency, my enemy

Writing is hard. I’ve known for years I wanted to write under the idea of ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ and for awhile, it seemed like that dream came true. But then life happened, and little things kept squirming into my brain, causing doubt and uncertainty.

Months ago, I began a redesign of my site, in an attempt to reinvigorate my efforts. You see, at the end of 2015, I learned something that really put me off writing. Something I had posted about almost got me in trouble at work. It didn’t, and I didn’t do anything wrong, but the hearts of men are strange and bitter. Suddenly, what I shared to help became a form of condemnation. I felt trapped and like I had nothing else to share.

A new job and different city began to ease these fears and the refocus began. And then my dog was killed by a car. Sometimes, you can’t win.

It still isn’t easy, but I know I have more to share. There’s a reason I write and maybe it’s for my own therapy or maybe there’s a larger purpose. Only God knows. What I know is I have to. When I don’t, there is something missing in my life.

As God continues to work in my life, I’m beginning to see what I want isn’t going to be instantaneous. It’s going to take work, faith and perseverance, a few of my least favorite things. But I am promised it will be worth it.

So instead of excuses and reasons why I can’t, I’m going to write. Get behind thee, Satan, you have no power up in this bish.