Listen, I’m a digital marketer, and even though I’m sure Meta is from the devil, I can’t do something without a hashtag. Which means my plan for self-discipline is called #chelseaontrack with no other variations. 

In a different post, I wrote about how I got here, in this place. It’s aptly titled “Six years of bad decisions” because my routines have been chaos since moving to Buffalo. At some point, all of this made me start feeling less like myself. But, like the line in Bridesmaids, I’m my problem, but I’m also my solution. 

I know if I want to be disciplined, I have to pursue discipline. I won’t just wake up one morning with everything all set and ready to go. I need to build on habits and routines that get me back on track to being the Chelsea I want and can be, even though it’s hard. 

So, without further ado, here’s #chelseaontrack:

1 Week: Wake up to my alarm without snoozing every day

Dates: April 18-25

While this is a habit I want to be my norm beyond a week, I read an article that said starting with shorter time spans makes it feel easier, so why not? To get out of the snooze cycle, I have to set a real alarm clock because even if I can’t reach my phone, I’ll snooze the Apple Watch. 

I’m going to set it across the room so I have to physically get up. Oh! I also bought a smart lightbulb (which is a thing, apparently) so I can have it turn on when my alarm goes off to help get me out of sleepy town. 

The other trick is making myself excited to wake up. Instead of focusing on the comfort of bed, be genuinely excited for the day ahead. I want that kind of positive energy starting my day. 

One thing I won’t do is get a less comfortable bed. That’s a real tip I saw, but wow, no.

1 Month: Exercise at least 16 times (4 times a week preferred)

Dates: April 18 to May 18

Because my three month goal involves running, I’ll start the Couch to 5K app (again) as well as take my little loaf on walks and do yoga and strength training through Peloton. These are things I enjoy and only take 20-30 minutes a day, so I really need to break out of my laziness. 

3 Months: Reach goal of being able to run a 5K again

Dates: April 18 to July 18

Couch to 5K is an 8-week program, so I hope the buffer of a month helps me even if I start to struggle. My goal would be after I get to 3.1 comfortably, I keep running these small distances regularly. 

6 Months: Down to one credit card with ample savings account

Dates: April 18 to October 18

I can’t have a list of self-discipline without talking money. Now that I’m in a position that pays me enough to live and I don’t need to have a million side hustles, I want to be smart and put myself in a better financial position. Especially since my goal is full-time ministry and God literally knows it won’t be the answer to my financial woes. 

9 Months: Weight down 10 pounds

Dates: April 18 to January 18

This isn’t a huge goal, but I wanted it to be more about the progress than the destination. Would it be great to lose more? Duh! But it’s about leveling myself out over time and getting back to a place where I’m comfortable (and a lot of my favorite clothing items fit me again).

1 Year: Bangs grown out and hair reasonable length

Dates: April 18 to March 31

Okay, this one might feel weird, because it is. The most intense relationship in my life is with my hair, and earlier this year, I broke its trust and got a terrible haircut. Granted, I wasn’t going for the cut I was given, but that doesn’t change what happened. I threw away two years of growth for a poorly executed cut and I am still mad about it. 

While on vacation, my sister, sick of me talking about my hair, bet me $50 I couldn’t get it to a certain length in a year and grow out my bangs. GAME ON. 

This is silly, for sure, but it also is a reflection of self-discipline. My hair is really nice when it’s long, but it’s also cute short, and since I cut it all off eight years ago, I haven’t had it long. 

I reach a point where it’s stuck in the middle and I decide to chop it back to where it’s cute. Only the last two times, it’s been terrible. When will I learn? Hopefully this time. 

At the end of this and through the different stages, I want to build up the routines that make my life feel like mine. I know once they start to become a natural part of my life, other things will too. They can help me to slow down and stop feeling like I’m spinning through each day. 

That’s all I want. 

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