So throw the curtains wide, one day like this will see me right 

Full disclosure: I’m not an artist, just a lover of words and the magic they create. This is probably obvious given the above doodle, but I wanted to clarify in case you thought it was here because I’m so *talented*

Do songs ever infect you? With one listen, everything makes sense. It explains the feels you can’t articulate and creates a longing for something deep in your soul. You want to share it with the world so they can understand, but it also remains a secret key to your soul. 

I love music and the power it can have to affect your mood, your day, etc. Some songs exist just for fun, but the soul punching ones are my favorite. 

Right now, that song is “One Day Like This” by Elbow. It’s a fall staple for me, although truly the greatness could transcend through every season. 

It’s basically an ode to being in love and how it makes you feel. It isn’t overly eloquent, but it captures the emotion. The chorus is “cause holy cow, I love your eyes/and only now I see the light/yeah lying with you half awake/oh anyway, it’s looking like a beautiful day”

The song sounds almost like fragmented thoughts of someone trying to express his thoughts to the one he loves. You can picture two people in bed and him just overwhelmed with love in this moment, knowing one day like this is all he needs.

Now I’ve never been in love with a person (only life), so maybe I’m not the authority, but this song is how I want it to feel. 

Holy cow, I love your eyes.